Monday, February 8, 2010

The Letter about the Gutter

The following letter was hand delivered to my rental/maintenance office. I offered to show them the pictures I took with my cell phone. The offer was declined.

Dear XXXXXX XXXX Associates,

The gutter above the door way at ### is bowed and prevents the run off from flowing properly.

This malfunction has created a thick patch of ice on my front steps, causing us to proceed dangerously.

I called this morning requesting salt to be placed there only to find the lower half salted and the top to remain covered in ice.

I took pictures if you wish to see them.

I am concerned about the safety of family and guests as this is a constant issue.

I ask that the gutters be repaired.


(this letter was photo copied and hand delivered; the steps look much better now)

Here are the pictures of my steps.





  1. The pictures of the steps were taken before salting.

  2. The letter is dated 12-21-09. I still have the photocopy.